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Jinguashi and Jiufen have been once the place with highest standard of living in North Taiwan. Simple old life style is still conserved in this area. This area is surrounded by mountainous and coastal scenery. The unique mining culture and the gold mining history is worthy of your visit as well. People who visit the old streets can experience the culture and ancient atmosphere, and taste the traditional snacks like herbal cakes and taro balls. For more information, please visit:
Taipei 101, the landmark skyscraper in Taipei. It is home to many banks, financial firms, and top corporate offices. It also houses stylish fashion boutiques, fine restaurants and private clubs. Since 2003, the building has been the place for New Years countdown and fireworks display in Taipei. To get to Taipei 101, visitors can take MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) to the Taipei City Hall station. The observation decks are open daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. For more information, please visit:
The Lungshan Temple was originally built nearly 270 years ago. The temple used to serve as the place of assembly and worship for ancient people settled in Wanhua district which is one of the first commercially developed areas in Taipei. Being one of the oldest temples in Taiwan, it was renovated several times after a series of natural disasters and manmade destructions. Lungshan Temple is famous for its exquisite woodcarvings, as well as for its stone sculptures. The doors, beams and poles in the Temple are beautifully decorated. Lungshan Temple is not only a temple and a sightseeing attraction, but also a Grade II historic site designated by Taipei City Government. For more information, please visit:
Yangmingshan National Park located in the north of the Taipei basin, is one of the seven national parks in Taiwan, and is renowned for its wealth of unusual volcanic features and topography. It is also famous for its cherry blossoms, hot springs, sulfur deposits and hiking trails. Among many hiking trails in the Park, visitors can take the one that goes over the extinct volcano Seven Star Mountain. A national park like Yangmingshan is not only unique in Taiwan but also rare in the world. Being so accessible and close to Taipei City, the Park attracts a very large number of visitors every year. For more information, please visit:
The National Palace Museum, officially inaugurated on November 12, 1965, is the pride of traditional Chinese culture, and is considered one of the finest museums in the world. The museum’s collection, mainly containing Chinese art and cultural artifacts, is huge. However, only two percent of its collection can be exhibited at one time. Built in a style of Chinese palace architecture, the museum has four stories ornamented with corbels as well as colorful green tiled-roofs with yellow ridges. The first three floors in the Exhibition Hall are used exclusively for presentations of artifacts. For more information, please visit:
Hualien Taroko National Park located on the east coast of Taiwan, is named after the Taroko Gorge, one of the most awesome natural wonders of the world. It is famous for precipitous canyons and spectacular mountains that create the most mesmerizing landscape on the island of Taiwan. The park also features its diverse species of animals, plants, birds and butterflies. Research indicates that one-third of the vascular plants found in the island of Taiwan can be found within the park. Half the species of mammals found in Taiwan are also present here. In addition, ninety percent of the resident species of birds in Taiwan, and over half of the butterfly species can also be encountered in the park. Taroko National Park is an ideal place for visitors who are keen to discover the joys of nature. For more information, please visit:
Kenting National Park, Taiwan's only tropical national park, was established in 1982. It covers a total area of 33,268 hectares of land and maritime environments. It includes large stretches of agricultural land's providing visitors with a view of typical Taiwanese rural life. In addition, the national park includes mountains, forests, pasture, lakes, sand dunes, beaches, and coral reefs imply everything you could desire when you want to get up front and personal with Mother Nature. For more information, please visit:
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